Dimadis-Kanakis (Kanakis E.P.E.)
Founded 1920
Founder(s) Pavlos Dimadis and Ioannis Kanakis
Headquarters Volos, Greece
Industry engines

A Dimadis-Kanakis boat engine shown in a 1933 advertisement

Dimadis-Kanakis (since 1986 Kanakis E.P.E.) is a historic Greek engine and metal products manufacturer, based in Volos. It was founded in 1920 by Pavlos Dimadis and Ioannis Kanakis, initially focusing on engine repair and rebuilding. In 1926 the company developed and produced its first Semi-Diesel engines (10-60 hp, mostly for boat power). Soon an extended range of engine models, up to 120 hp, was developed and the company became one of the best known Greek engine makers, mostly remembered for the reliability of its products, some exports also being made.

Since 1952 focus shifted to metal products, and in 1986 Dimadis-Kanakis was reorganized as Kanakis E.P.E. In 2010 the company, one of the few historic mechanical engineering companies of Volos that had survived the crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, faced severe financial problems and its future looked uncertain.

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