In Firmat, in the second half of the '50s, Nicolás P. di Tullio, a mechanic who was part of Vassalli at the beginning, built his own factory. He then began building his own combine harvesters under his own brand, the Di Tulio D 100. The great capacity of work of these machines makes that it gains adepts consolidating its prestige in the agricultural environment.

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Specifically, in 1960, according to Orlando Battistoni, the manufacturing of combine harvesters began: "Di Tullio was the typical man in the workshop, he designed marleros and some platforms to Vassalli, being his industrial neighbor, and the transmissions were made in Rosario and were based on his designs". This leads him, towards the years 1962/63, to experiment with corn harvesting platforms, to which he modifies his harvesting system by placing alzadora belts instead of the classic chains with gears that caused upsets and breakages in the seeding equipment. These platforms had a great merit for their efficiency in operation. Subsequently they manufacture sowing machines and silos with the same brand being the company name: Industrias Agromecánicas Di Tulio S.A. During its industrial life, it came to produce approximately 400 harvesters. All with 1040 mm hous- ing cylinder, double power take-off, 16-foot cutting platform and then 17 and 18 feet. It had about 80 employees and the largest number of machines were sold in Gonzales Chaves, Mayor Buratovich and Villa Iris. They came to sell 250 platforms throughout the country.

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