Dennison Artic flatbed triaxle trailer - IMG 3528

A Dennison triaxle artic trailer

Dennison is an Irish manufacturer of Trailers, that for a period in the 1970s also built trucks.


For Truck manufacturing, see Dennison Trucks.

Dennison Trailers was an Irish republic based manufacturer of Semi-trailers founded by George Dennison and based in Rathcoole, Dublin. The trailer business was bought out by Crane Fruehauf in the 1970s.[1]

The company started building Rigid and Articulated trucks in 1977, using a section of bought in branded components. Dennison withdrew from the truck building market in 1981.

From 1981 they started building trailers again.

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Dennison extendable semi-lowloader - IMG 9098

A Dennison extendable semi-lowloader

  • Semi trailers
  • Semi Low loader
  • Drawbar trailers

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