Dennis Eagle Limited is a manufacturer of refuse collection trucks based in Warwick, UK.


The company was formed on the break up of the Dennis Group in the 1990s;

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In 1972 the company (Dennis Group) was acquired by Hestair Group and renamed Hestair Dennis after a few years of financial difficulties. It was sold to Trinity Holdings (formed from a management buyout from Hestair Group) in 1989 and then to Mayflower Corporation in October 1998.

As of 1990s, the company was no longer a single integrated whole, but was three independent businesses, namely:

  • Dennis Fire - manufacturer of fire appliances.
  • Dennis Bus - manufacturer of buses and other public transport vehicles
  • Dennis-Eagle - manufacturer of dustcarts/refuse lorries (municipal vehicles). This company also incorporated the remains of the Eagle Engineering and Shelvoke & Drewry concerns.
The then owners Mayflower Corporation sold Dennis-Eagle in July 1999.
Dennis Bus and Dennis Fire were incorporated into Transbus International (now Alexander Dennis) in 2001.

On 11 December 2006 Dennis Eagle was acquired by the Spanish refuse collection and engineering company Ros Roca.[1]

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  1. "Spanish conglomerate ready to cart off Dennis Eagle", The Daily Telegraph (8 December 2006). 

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