Dearborn Farm Equipment
Founder(s) Henry Ford
Headquarters Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Products agriculture machinery
Parent Dearborn Motors Corporation (Ford)

Dearborn Farm Equipment was agricultural division (and a brand) of the Dearborn Motors Corporation of Detroit Michigan, USA, which in turn was owned by Ford. The company produced implements for the Fordson tractors.

Dearborn Farm Equipment badge - IMG 7043

Dearborn Farm Equipment badge on a plow


  • Fertilizer
  • Field Cultivator
  • Forage Harvester
  • Hay Baler
  • Hay Mower
  • Hay Rake
  • Hay Wagon
  • Planter
  • Pull-type combine harvester (Dearborn-Wood)
  • Sickle mower
  • Snow Blade
  • Spring Tooth Harrow
  • Sweep Rake


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