Predecessor -
Founded 199X
2013 (by TIM Argentina)
Founder(s) Oscar Dichiara
Defunct 2011
Headquarters Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe
Monte Maiz, Córdoba (TIM Argentina)
, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery

Davilor, the original brand of Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe), Argentina, whose activity was virtually paralyzed since the failure of its promoter, Oscar Dichiara, in 2011. The return of Davilor takes place within the framework of a business agreement with TIM Argentina, a firm with 15 years of experience in the manufacture of seed monitors. The production of the self-propelled units in March, in a plant, in Monte Maíz (Córdoba). In its initial phase, the work plan includes the manufacture of an updated version of the Davilor model that was marketed until 2011. Unique technology: From its origins, Davilor equipment was characterized by developing a totally innovative spray concept for the national market. Basically, these are equipment designed to work with applications of smaller volumes of broth per hectare, by regulating the size and quantity of drops. In this way, a high autonomy can be combined with a tank of small dimensions. For instance, the Davilor self-propelled sprayer operates with a tank of only 1220 liters, achieving a range of at least 40 conficiones that never exceed 30 liters per hectare. The reduction in the size of the tank not only implies less weight for the smaller amount of water that must be transported, but also for the required components in the chassis. A lighter machine means less soil compaction and, above all, the possibility of working with lower fuel consumption, breaks and wear of materials. The Davilor pulverizadora presents a weight in order of march of hardly 4000 kg.

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Although it is an innovative technology in Argentina, a world level has already been successfully tested by recognized brands. This is the case of Spra Coupe spray, AGCO Corp, with 40 years of experience in the market.

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TIM Argentina is a company of Monte Maiz (Córdoba), specialized in the manufacture and sale of seed monitors, seed sensors and other accessories of Precision Agriculture. In 2014, an entrepreneur agreement was signed with the Davilor brand, within the framework of which a spray manufacturer of the recognized Venado Tuerto brand began.

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