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David John Bowes Brown was a English engineer and entrepreneur. He was involved with many well known British engineering companies. His mosted noted design was the original ADT marketed by Caterpillar Inc. which his company Artix designed and built in Peterlee, County Durham. It was built around a drive train supplied by Caterpillar. After selling out to Caterpillar he set up Multidrive to develop another concept in off-road transport.

Early career

Earlier in his career he had been involded with the development of the Northrop tractor for Chaseside an early High Hp 4WD tractor, influenced by his time working in Africa. He then in 1965 Moved to Muir-Hill as MD. Here he oversaw the introduction of the new range of 4WD tractors and Loading shovels all based on Ford tractor parts and M-Hs own transfere box and steering axels. Latter he introduced a range of heavy duty dump trailer to go behind the tractors.

After M-H he set up DJB Engineering to design ADTs.

After he sold Artix to Caterpillar he founded Brown Group

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