David Brown VAK1
David Brown VAK1 line up at Malvern 2009 - IMG 5400
Model history
Model introduced 1939
Model discontinued 1945
Model status Discontinued
No. produced 5000
Preceded by Ferguson-Brown
Superseded by David Brown VAK 1A
Engine Specification
Engine make David Brown
Fuel type Petrol, TVO
Power hp Unknown
Governed rpm {{{governedrpm}}}
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 3.5 "
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type Manual
Gearbox make David Brown
Forward 4
Reverse 1
Drive 2-WD
General Data
Linkage Category Cat I
Other info
Factories Meltham Mills, Yorkshire
Plow rating Unknown
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The David Brown VAK1 was the replacement for the Ferguson-Brown built by David Brown in secret, after Mr. D. Brown & Harry Ferguson started to disagree over changes to the Ferguson design that David Brown was manufacturing, to solve problems that customers reported.

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Serial Numbers Information Edit

Serial Numbers and Year of Manufacture data for VAK1 model[1]
Petrol / Kerosene version data
Year Serial run Number Built Notes (Total built 5000).
1939 1001 49 First built - July
1940 1050 950
1941 2000 1300
1942 3300 900
1943 4200 1100
1944 5300 700
Oct 1944 6000 5000 total Last built No. 6000
year serial no Number built Notes


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List of Preserved David Brown VAK1 tractors
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Make + Model No. Reg No.
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Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
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Move any existing tractors listed above to here please David Brown VAK1 line up at Malvern 2009 - IMG 5400
DB VAK1 BNV 948 sn ? year engine owner ? David Brown VAK1 - BNV 948 at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3719 Seen at Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show
DB VAK1 FSU 712+ sn ? year engine owner ? David Brown VAK1 - (FSU 712) at Somerset 2013 - IMG 6898 Seen at Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show
DB VAK1 KMA 694+ sn ? year engine owner ? David Brown VAK1 - KMA 694 - Llandudno 08 - cropped P5050142 Seen at Llandudno Transport Festival
DB VAK1 reg no+ sn ? year engine owner ? Image needed LHB

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DB VAK1 reg no+ sn ? year engine owner ? Image needed LHB

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