Scammell Contractor GDW 848E of Scotts Heavy Haulage at Scammell Gathering 09 - IMG 9288

Scammell Contractor GDW 848E at the Scammell Gathering - Ackworth in 2009

Scammel with Priestman load

Scammell Highwayman ASW 610and Priestman Wolf load at the VET at Threlkeld in 2007

The Dave Weedon collection is a 'private collection' of Heavy Haulage trucks and vintage excavators. Machines from the collection regularly appear at Scammell Register events and Steam fairs featuring Commercial vehicles, Daves other interest is vintage excavators and some of his collection is at the Vintage Excavator Trust site at Threlkeld in Cumbria. Dave Weedon is also founding member of classic tracks and trucks, there are over 40 trucks and plant with other members in the group. (Details of the machines and trucks can be found at on the groups web site at

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Priestman Lion Dragline / crane

Diamond T 980 (3630 DW) at Riccall 2007 - DSC00463

1943 - Diamond T 3630 DW in Wynns livery

Note - This collection is not open for public viewing, but the vehicles in it appear at various shows


2Rotinoff s 006

Rotinoff Super Atlantic Q43 GFR and Atlantic UAS 547 ballast tractors

Some of the events attended by these vehicles include;

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