The Dart Truck Company was a manufacturer of on- and off-highway dump trucks, based in Cansa, Missouri, USA. In 1958 the company was taken over by Pacific Car (Paccar). Paccar sold off the off-higway division to the Unit Rig and Equipment Company in 1984. Terex then acquired Unit Rig in 1988 to add to its mining equipment divison.

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The company was founded in 1903 in Anderson, Indiana. The company was renamed Dart Mfg. Co. in 1907 and relocated to Waterloo, Iowa. The early models were chain driven, but in 1912 the company introduced shaft drive. The company restructured and was renamed several times, moving to Kansas City, Missouri in 1925 as the Dart Truck Co.[1]

To meet the demand for heavy trucks to support the many civil engineering projects during the Great Depression, such as dams and highways, the company introduced an off-highway truck in 1937. In 1939 it introduced one of the first Diesel-electric drive trucks.

Dart Truck Company, founded in 1903 became a subsidiary of Carlisle Corporation, Carlisle, PA in 1949, through an exchange of stock.

In 1951 the massive tandem-drive truck Dart 75-TA was launched, world-record beater at the time for its size. Its 75 tons rated capacity was unheard-of at that time, far exceeded the size of other previous off-highway haulers. This giant off-highway hauler was designed by then general manager of the company, the veteran truck builder Ralph Kress. Kress's career later saw him go on to design innovative off-road haulers for Wabco and Caterpillar, as well as Kress Corp., his son's company, which he joined in 1969.[2]

In 1954 engineer Max Cline left Dart and started building a three-axle truck of 25-US tone/32 Tone under the Cline brand.

As a subsidiary of Carlisle, in 1957, George F. Dixon was President and General Manager, J.W. Webster was Treasurer, Walter C. Clayton was Sales Manager, Willard Cline was Factory Manager, Clinton A. Springgate was Chief Engineer - Production and Darrell L. Bryan was Chief Engineer - Development.

In 1958 Pacific Car and Foundry (now Paccar) acquired the Dart Truck Company of Kansas City, Missouri. Dart Trucks was sold to the Unit Rig and Equipment Company in 1984.

Terex Corporation then acquired Darts new owner the Unit Rig and Equipment Company in 1988.[3]

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  • In 1937 they introduced the first true off-highway model
  • 1939 saw the first diesel-electric drive off-highway model added to the line up.
  • Dart 75Ta - 1951 - Tandem drive truck rated at 75 ton

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