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Founded 196X
Headquarters San Genaro, Santa Fe, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery
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Dancar, located in San Genaro, Santa Fe, Argentina, is a company that was forged in the manufacturing of implements. Since in its beginnings, it was a welding workshop, turnery, repaired and modified agricultural machinery. At the end of the 1960's, encouraged by customers and machine sellers in the center of our country, (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba), and thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, the company developed the first models of implements for plowing and vertical tillage. These came out in mid-1968 under the DAN-CAR brand (dredge balances with bases, disc harrow, chisel plows, field cultivators, rotary harvesters and bean harvesters) and accompanied the trend of moving from medium powered tractors to high-powered tractors, including Articulated Tractors. Thus, they began to manufacture implements of greater width to accomodate.

Dancar in the 1980'sEdit

At the end of 1987, DanCar adopted the new concept of tillage and soil conservation, including the first planter of grains created to plant directly using no-till technology.

Dancar in the 1990'sEdit

From 1995 due to the knowledge acquired in direct seeding and driven to solve the transport problem, DanCar presented the auto trailer version of the planter. They maintained the unalterable qualities that identify all of their implements that are: STRENGTH, DURABILITY, PRACTICE OF USE UNDER COST OF MAINTENANCE AND AFTER SALES SERVICE.

The evolution of 2000 wass accompanied by major changes for the Company since it exchanged its original color yellow for red, and thus also the transformation of DAN-CAR to SUPER DAN-CAR, thus imposing more strength to all our values. At present the company has innovative seeders, self-propelled and tipped, with unique characteristics that differentiate it from everything known in the market: mechanical feeding, pneumatic in fine and coarse grains, different fertilizations and variable distributions, eccentric discs, double eccentric harrows, soil decompactors, rubble and stubble rollers.


DanCar sprayer model
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
DanCar AT 40/31 Deutz AT 40/31 in Pesados Argentinos

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