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The Daimler 'New' Drophead Coupe was a revised version of the Daimler Drophead Coupe built by the Daimler Motor Company in 1955. It is believed that only 3 were built and the car had a glassfibre body and a 2.5 litre V8 engine with a Preselector gearbox.

Model history

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TGW 532 is the only example in the UK, and was built in 1955. The curent owner is B. Cole from Swindon and the car was exhibited at Lister Tyndale Steam Rally in 2009.

The sweeping lines of the Daimler New Drophead Coupe Rear 3/4 with the unusual very long swept boot
Front profile The interior showing the Colum mounted Preselector gearbox shift lever

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