A DAF XF articulated truck

DAF XF is a range of trucks produced by the Dutch company DAF. All right hand drive versions of the XF are assembled at Leyland Trucks in the UK.[1] The XF 105 won the International Truck of the Year 2007 award.[2] Featuring the 'MX' 12.9 litre engine and ZF gearbox in both manual and automatic formats, The XF is a true drivers truck, and one of the most successful truck models ever produced.

Military Variant Edit

The military application of the DAF XF 95 series is called DAF YTZ95.530.

The Canadian Forces Land Force Command uses the XF95 Tropco Tractor for their tank transport platform leased from the Dutch Army.

Heavy haulageEdit

Several UK operators use versions of this truck on heavy haulage operations.


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