Curtainsider is the name used to describe a type of trailer common in the UK. This type of truck body or Semi-trailers have flexible sides that can be drawn open like curtains allowing access to the load (cargo) on the trailer, but when shut secure it (in place) and keep the weather off. Useful for palletised loads or larger items that cannot be loaded through the rear doors, but would be damaged on a open trailer. The use of these trailers reduced the need for tarpaulins which are labour intensive & time consuming to fit & remove to sheet a load up for transit & have Health and Safety issues (falls & slips climbing over the load).


Tautliner - Used as a generic name for curtain sided trucks/trailers. Trade name of commercial vehicles built by Boalloy of Congleton, Cheshire, England. The curtains contain load retaining straps which, when released, allow the curtain to be pulled back and a forklift to be used for easy and efficient loading and unloading.


These are not very secure as they can be cut by thief's with a sharp knife to see if the load is worth stealing. Parking up in Isolated places or just at the road side is very risky in some places in the UK.

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