Cranes (Dereham) Ltd plate on living van chassis - IMG 7287

Cranes (Dereham) ltd plate on a Living van (conversion) on a drawbar chassis unit

The company of Cranes (Dereham) Limited (usually referred to as Cranes Trailers) were an early manufacturer of trailers for road haulage and built some of the early heavy haulage trailers used by firms such as Pickfords and Robert Wynn with the steam road locomotives of the early 20th century. Cranes were based in the town of Derham in Norfolk, England. But a various manufacturing facilities in the UK.


For later company history, see Crane Fruehauf.

Can you help with information on this companies history ? The company joined up with Fruehauf in 1961 to create Crane Fruehauf.

Subsidiaries / take overs

  • Boden Trailers Ltd - 1967
  • Crane Fruehauf Trailers (North Walsham) Ltd - JV between Crane, Fruehauf, and Wall Engineering.
  • Dennison Trailers of Ireland - 1967 - 51 % stake acquired & 100% in 1975
  • Created Rentco Nationwide Ltd to lease trailers - 1970
  • t/o Imperial Coach builders - 1971
  • create Crane Fruehauf Iran Ltd - 1975
  • t/o Abel Bodywork of Oldham - 1977


  • pole / timber carriers
  • Low loaders - early solid tyred versions shown in some old photos of steam heavy haulage
  • Turntable chassis - used for living vans and showmans caravans as well as early road trains of wagons in steam haulage. latter used with pneumatic tyres by the army.
  • Box vans
  • Semi trailers
  • Containers
  • Tanker units


Listed in 1976 M&M commission enquire

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