CRANE TRAVELLERS LIMITED 1971- 2014 of Beeston in Leeds, West Yorkshire England.

VICKERS-AWD LIMITED 1966-1971 of South Marston, Wiltshire England.

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THE 600 GROUP or also known as GCS LTD (George Cohen & Sons Limited) acquired the manufacturing rights for Vickers-AWD crane carrier manufacturing business based at South Marston in Wiltshire and establishing themselves as a mobile crane production company which were then sold under the name of Crane Travellers from the 1970s onwards. In 1977 Crane Travellers became a division of the larger JONES CRANES LIMITED operation, and have since been manufacturing new hydraulic cranecarriers and modern mobilecranes in 4, 6 and 8 wheeled versions mostly powered by Bedford, Cummins, Leyland and most recently Scania Turbo-diesel diesel engines, although outside the UK market these were also known as the new Jones 500 Series-600 Series mobile cranes until the 1990s.

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From 1965 to 1971 a separate company under the name of VICKERS-AWD or VICKERS-ALL WHEEL DRIVE who were the successors of the well known original AWD-ALL WHEEL DRIVE CO LTD firm based at Camberley in Surrey. Since 1962 they were engaged in producing cranecarrier chassis for several domestic crane specialist manufacturers like IRON FAIRY, SMITH, and JONES to name but a few.

After 1966 these vehicles were available under the name of the V-Series by the initial AWD company that were then renamed VICKERS-AWD, and both 6 and 8 wheelers were produced, one of the most unusual was the VICKERS-AWD V531 six wheeled twinsteer model which was the cranetruck for the 1970s IRON FAIRY ZIRCON 10 T hydraulic telescopic boom mobilecrane. With the exception of the VICKERS-AWD V518 8X4 cranecarrier, most models carried a low silhouette version of the famous Motor Panels cab and in 1971 VICKERS-AWD was acquired by the 600 Group with all models sold under the new name of Crane Travellers Limited itself is now a part of the Jones Cranes Limited.

Sadly by June 2014 Crane Travellers had so few sales and orders that it caused the company several financial difficulties and they ceased trading.  

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