Cowans Sheldon turntable no.2784 IMG 8451

Mfc plate on a turntable

Cowans Sheldon of Carlise were a manufacture of cranes. The company were best known for there Rail Cranes. The Company was founded in 1846 by 4 Engineers in a Factory in Carlise. Products were mainly rail realted at first and them included Marine enginering items for dock yards. One unusual product was the steel for Carlise Market Hall in 1890.

The Company became part of NEI Group and then pased to the Clarke Chapman company with several other famouse makes, like Stothert & Pitt. Cowans Sheldon is now a division of Clarke Chapman, a subsidary of Langley Holdings who bought the group from NEI in January 2001.[1][2]


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Cowans Sheldon - turntable at GCR - IMG 8450

restored railway turntable

Atkinson - (KVA209) flatbed with Cowans Sheldon cranes crate at KSB cv rally 2013 IMG 8008

Vintage lorry with a 'delivery' of Cowans Sheldon crane parts

Notable ProjectsEdit

  • The Finnestone Crane a 50 mtr tall Cantilever dock crane with a 77 mtr boom, in Glasgow built in 1932 for £52,000.

Upgraded machinesEdit

Several early cranes have been rebuild and are now still at work both in the UK and in India, Australia and New Zealand.


A Number of Cowans Sheldon cranes survive in the UK and world wide, and are still operated by several of the Heritage railways in the UK.

  • A Rebuilt Cowans Sheldon Turntable has been installed at Rowsley MP depot at Darley Dale on the Peak railway in Derbyshire.Rowsley Turntable
  • Another example is at the Barrowhill MPD.[3]

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