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The County Sea Horse (reproduction version) at the Malvern Tractor World Show in 2009

The rear of the County Sea Horse showing buoyancy tanks and pto driven propeller

The Drive and engine details on the County Sea Horse tractor.

The County Sea Horse was a special version of the County 654 tractor built in 1963, as a tractor for use in swampy or bogey conditions. The County Sea Horse was used for a publicity stunt in July 1963 crossing the English Channel in 7 hours and 50 minutes for the 28 mile crossing from France to England.


The tractor was fitted with oversize floatation tyres, with the wheel centres turned into tanks by plating over them. Front and rear buoyancy tanks were an option. and the tractor was waterproofed and electric omitted by using an inertia starter.


The tractor new was listed at £2.226 with out the buoyancy tanks. These optional extras were offered at £94


Several were sold but the original record breaking tractor was recently acquired and rebuilt by a Worcestershire engineer.[1]

This tractor can be seen at shows in the UK.

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