The Restored County FC 1004 of Gary Burns

KJO 343G is a County FC 1004 built in 196? by County with the serial no. 19066. The tractor a rare Full "Ag Spec" County FC and is currently owned by Gary Burns.


For company history, see County.

Restored by Gary Burns, from a rather 'tired state after a life on the Lime spreader.

  • Photos below show the tractor under test ploughing in stuble
  • Its a bit slow to lift at the end so he will fit a new pump soon.


For Std spec see County FC 1004

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Photo Description / notes
Garys 1004 as found AS found condition (needs abit of a polish)
Fc1004ploughing1 After a bit of TLC. First time out, we tried it on the plough today pulling a Ransomes 4 furrow no problem
County 1004 - KJO 343G - Ploughing Ploughing in oilseed rape stubble 12 in deep.
County FC1004 - KJO 343G - ransomes TSR200 view showing the Ransomes TSR200 plough at work

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