County 4000-Four
Ford County 4000-Four - KFE 131G at carrington 2011 - IMG 7109
Tidy Ford County 4000-Four at the Carrington Steam and Tractor Rally 2010
Model history
Model introduced 1968
Model discontinued 1975
Model status Discontinued
Superseded by County 4600-Four
Engine Specification
Engine make Ford
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp 62
Power kW 46
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive MFWD
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories England
Plow rating Unknown
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The County 4000-Four was built from 1968 till 1975 based on the Ford 4000 model and fitted by County with a ? Front Four-wheel drive axle. It features a 62 hp (46 kW) Ford engine.

Model historyEdit

For company history, see County.

Model details unknown ?

Offered as a lighter option than Counties equal-wheeled County 754 (based on the Ford 5000) that fitted in the gap between competitors Roadless Traction Ltds Ploughmaster 46 (based on a Ford 3000) and the Ploughmaster 80 (based on the Ford 5000) to suite grassland farmers needing a Four-wheel drive tractor for hilly land rather than heavy ploughing work.


  • Based on a Ford 4000
  • Fitted with optional ? cab
  • Axle built by ?


A few examples of these are being restored and are seen on the preservation circuit.

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List of Preserved County 4000-Four tractors
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Ford County 4000-Four none County no. 25375 Owner ? to add 150px]] Seen at Nutts Corner 2017 restored example
Ford County 4000-Four KFE 131G+ sn ?  ? Ford  ? Ford County 4000-Four - KFE 131G at carrington 2011 - IMG 7109 At Carrington 2011 cabless example
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Country 4000-Four
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County 4600-Four
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