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A Corn mill built by Bamfords on show at the Woolpit Steam Rally in 2009

A Corn Mill is a semi portable Agricultural machine for milling corn, usually for animal feed. Some can be set fine for grinding up flour for bread making.

Note: the term Corn mill is also used to describe the large industrial mills. Form more info see here(Wikipedia article)

The early machines were hand driven and latter ones built with a belt pully drive for a steam Portable engine or small Steam Tractor to drive it. Latter small stationary engines such as made by Bamfords, lister or Petters were used. Larger capacity machines being driven by a tractor, from the belt pully or latter via the Power Take Off shaft. The machine has interchangable plates to controll the size of the output via na afjustable presure plate and by altering the feed rate.

The mill was usually sited below a loft used to store the grain and then fed via a chute in the floor with an adjustable plate to regulate the flow into the Hopper that is attached to a eccentric crank to shake the corn gently to get an even feed to the mill.

In more recent times a lot of farms once electricity arrived and motors got cheaper for convenience retro fitted them with an electric motor. most modern Corn mills being built with a frame deigned to fit a motor and geared to suit via a V-belt drive system (this absorbs shock loadings and can slip if a blockage occurs.


A Bentall Model K mill at the Barnard Castle Steam Fair in 2009

A lot of the Agricultural machinery manufacturers offered mill in there product range as most stock farms had one.

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