Cormach are an Italian manufacturer of lorry loader cranes that original started making hydau;ic machinery including excavators.


Cormach cranes at SED 09 - IMG 8084

Display of Cormach cranes at SED 2009

Cormach was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Comensoli in Montichiari in Italy. The company is now owned by the Comensoli Family. Cormach has always been involved in the manufacturing of hydraulic equipment, initially manufacturing hydraulic grass cutters, self propelled steel scrap loaders, excavators and agricultural loaders. In 1975 Cormach started the manufacturing of hydraulic truck loaders.[1]

In 1977 the excavator manufacturing division been split from Cormach to a new company of Euromach was founded for the purpose.

In 1981 the manufacturing of sub frames, special equipment and the installation department where split off as Centro Gru.

The last Company ,called MACH TRE, was founded in 1982, for the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, pins and continuous rotation joints.

Cormach exports all over the world through its network of local importers & distributors.

In the UK Ernest Doe & Sons are an agent.


Actual specs depend on boom configuration chosen with reaches up to 48 m

  • Lorry loader cranes
    • Small range - 2 ton/m up to 8 ton/m
    • Medium range - 4 ton/m up to 10 ton/m
    • Large range - 13 ton/m up to 157 ton/m
  • Straight boom (often used as grab or bucket lorry loaders)
  • Breakdown cranes - straight boom on swivel base
  • Marine cranes - used on fishing vessels, work boats and oil & gas platforms

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