See:Wikia:Licensing for the basic rules.

For a more indepth article on the concept and principles as it applies to Wikis operating under the Creative Commons by attribution license which Wikia uses see Wikipedia:Copyrights

For a more general article on the concept of copyright in general see Wikipedia:Copyright which has links to articles on more detailed rules that apply in different counties.

For specific questions relaing to what is OK (or not) on THIS WIKI you can ask the Admin at - User talk:BulldozerD11.

Note if you do not state a source and/or add a relevant license tag to your images they May be deleted without notice as they do NOT comply with Wikias Licensing rules for images under the sites Image policy. - See Help:Image copyright tags for detail on adding a license tag to your files/images.


If you are suspected of violating the copyrights of 3rd parties by posting images you have not created your self, but have just copied from other web sites or from books etc. or deliberately using a incorrect/misleading tag on files you upload it will result in a ban from editing on this wiki in addition to your uploads being deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned from all Wikia Wikis impermanently.

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