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Construction Plant has changed greatly from the First Steam Navey of 1790 to the modern 10,000 ton Mining Machines.

The early machines are now very collectible as few have survived due to the hard life, and the low value they commanded at one time. The Early Machines were often derived from Tractors and built by tractor manufactures, or converted from tractors by blacksmiths. The latest machines are a world apart from the original simple mechanical aides that the first machines were built as. The latest machines are High powered, with sophisticated control systems. Due to the simplicity early machines are easily repairable in a small workshop with simple tools. This simplicity also means that most weather damage is cosmetic and the actual mechanics are more durable than some might think. Wearing parts can be repaired or replacements made with simple machinery, and a welder.

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This section is a potted history of the general development of Construction Plant and Machinery. Individual manufactures and machine types details are under each makers section.

The Steam Years Edit

The First Engine Powered Machines Edit

Priestman face shovel

Early Priestman face shovel at Vintage Excavator Trust open day

The Early Hydraulic Machines Edit

The War Years Edit

The Postwar Hydraulic revolution Edit

Strange Excavator

Unusual German Excavator at GDSF

The Size and Power Boom Edit

Priestman VC15

Priestman VC15 Long Reach machine from 1980s

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The Main manufactures whose machines are collected in UK are;

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