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A lot of Collectables are displayed at Steam Fairs and Vintage Vehicle rallies in the UK. These displays comprise collections of all sorts of every day objects, often that are now out of common usage, witha theme to the collection.

Typical subjects

A large collection of old petrol cans in corporate colours of both oil companies and contractors

A collection of old style petrol cans on display at Chatham Historic Dockyard Transport Festival

Automotive related

  • Number plates
  • Oil cans and grease guns
  • Petrol cans (see photo)
  • Service manuals
  • Old Tax discs (road)


  • Car badges
  • Tractor badges

Farm tools & Equipment

A demonstration of a small scale milking machine set up made by Alfa-Laval on display at Southport Vintage Rally in 2009

  • Farming tools like billhooks and spades
  • Milking machinery
  • Mole traps

Garden tools

  • Garden tools
  • Lawn mowers
  • Watering cans

Horticultural machinery

  • Cultivation tools
  • Cultivators
  • Hand seeders and planters


  • Branded goods (of older long gone products)
  • Petrol cans
  • Oil cans and grease guns
  • Old household items like oxo tins and soaps


  • Old enamel signs for dealer and brand adverising


  • Brass blow torches
  • Hand tools
  • Farriers tools


  • Cast iron Implement seats.

A Display of Cast Iron Farm Implement seats at Southport Vintage Rally in 2009

A typical Cast iron seat collection on a Vintage vehicle club stand at the LAMMA show at Newark in 2009

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  • The many vintage and heritage events staged around the UK each year. (see Shows and Meets for list of some). If you know of others please add them to the list & you could start an article for your favourite show & feature you collection or other interesting ones you have seen (just upload a photo & add it to relevant pages like this one).

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