The firm of Coleby Cultivators Ltd based in Kent built a light weight tractor in the post war years like many other engineering firms. The tractor was mainly constructed from a cast alloy body like the Ferguson-Brown and was fitted with a 2-cylinder TVO Engine from JAP a 3 speed gear box and a basic linkage, but had no brakes !!!

Do you know of another as the owner believes it is the only example left which makes it rarer than some others makes like the Cartterson.

I have found another Coleby Cultivators ltd, tractor, but powered by a BSA engine. It has a plough, a harrow and mower with it, and the various linkages. However it has no rear mud-guards.

Coleby Cultivators tractor with JAP engine at Bawtry Vintage rally 09 - IMG 9443

A rare (1 only ?) Coleby tractor at Bawtry Vintage Rally 2009

Coleby Cultivators tractor -rear at Bawtry 09 - IMG 9448

The rear of the Coleby Cultivators tractor. (linkage is missing)


Do you know of any other products from this firm ?

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Coleby Shire CultivatorThere is currently Shire Cultivator with Coleby Shire Cultivator with a BSA engine for sale on Ebay.

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