Classic Tractor
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Publication type Magazine
Subject area Classic and Modern tractors
Published by Sundial Magazines Ltd
Editor Rory Day
Edition -
No of issues (To date) 104 - December 2009
No. years published 8
Date first published unknown
No of pages (average) 120+
Format / size A4
ISBN no. (Book)
ISSN no. (Magazine) ISSN 1472-9695
Event Web Site

Classic Tractor Magazine is a monthly magazine published by Sundial Magazines Ltd. It has been going for 8 years. They cover a wide range of tractor related material, from historic features on older machines and interviews with people involved in the old companies, dealers and product testing. The main period covered is from the 1960s to the 1980 models with news of the latest models and developments.

Typical Features[edit | edit source]

  • Reader restoration projects on individual models with in-depth reports of the trials and tribulation to achieve there goal.
  • Histories of companies or model lines.
  • Factory visit reports.
  • Technical features on particular parts.
  • Reviews of modern machines
  • New Launches
  • Industry News
  • Auctions coming up & results.
  • For sale Classified section.
  • Fleet reports on operators experiences of different models in their fleets.
  • How to features like rebuild gear box, or service common models.
  • Review of the latest scale model releases.
  • Older machines still hard at work reports.

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