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A City crane is a small two-axle mobile crane designed for use in compact spaces where normal cranes can't venture, such as confined steets, yards or within buildings. City cranes were developed in the 1990's as a response to the increasing urban density in Japan. With more and more buildings cramming Japanese cities, it became necessary to have a crane able to navigate the nooks and crannies of Japanese streets.[1]


City cranes are essentially small rough terrain cranes which are built to be road legal. They are characterised by having a short chassis, a two-axle design, a single cab, a slanted retractable boom, and independant steering on each axle. The slanted retractable boom takes up less space than a comparable horizontal boom would. This, combined with the short chassis and independent steering, allow city cranes to turn in tight spots than possible by other crane types.[2]

The designs are a modern update on the British yard crane like Iron Fairys and hyster but with higher lifting capacities.


The modern roto-lift telescopic handlers offer an alternative at the lower lift capacity end of the market, with a lift height of up to 20m.

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