Cicaré S.A.
Type Sociedade Anônima
Founded 1972
Headquarters Argentina
Key people Fernando Cicaré
Industry Aerospace
Products Helicopters, aircraft components

Cicaré Helicópteros S.A. (originally Cicaré Aeronáutica S.A.) is an Argentine helicopter manufacturer founded by Augusto Cicaré in Buenos Aires in the 1970s to develop aircraft of his own design.

Also, in the 70's, was made low-power tractors without any denomination.

A number of prototypes were constructed, including one under contract from the Argentine Air Force, but no great successes were achieved until the CH-7 light sporting helicopter in the 1990s. In March 2007 the first prototype of Cicaré CH-14 a light helicopter for the Argentine army was ready.

On March 18, 2010 they presented the CH-7B and CH-12[1] during the EAA Argentina Annual Meeting.[2]

Tractors Edit

Cicaré tractor model
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Cicaré (none denomination) 197X-198X Ventur or Villa Cicaré tractor in Pesados Argentinos


Former Products:

File:Cicare CK.1.jpg
  • CH-1 (1961)
  • CH-2 (1964)
  • CH-3 Colibri (1976)
  • CH-4 (1982)
  • CH-5 AG (1986)
  • CH-6 (1987)
  • CH-7 (1991)
  • CH-7 ANGEL (1991)
  • CH-8 UL (1993)
  • CH-9 (1995)
  • CH-6T (1999)

Commercial Products


Military Products in Development

File:Cicare CH-14 Aguilucho.jpg

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