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Cheltenham Steam and Vintage Fair
Cheltenhham Steam Fair line up 09 - IMG 4117.jpg
Engine line up at 2009 show
Organisers Gloucester Warwickshire Railway & Steam Rally Committee
Sponsors (main)
Date held on October
Duration (days) 2
Venue Cheltenham race course
Location Cheltenham
County Gloucestershire
Country England
NTET Accredited YES
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2010
First Event was held in (year) 2008
Last Event was held in (year)
No. of years held 2nd year in 2009
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The Cheltenham Steam & Vintage Fair is a new event first held in 2008 and held at the middle of October by the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway, on land adjacent to their station at Cheltenham race course, Gloucestershire. The Rally is organised by the Glouestershire and Warwickshire Railway Steam Rally Committee with car parking provided by Cheltenham Race Course and the ploughing area by permission of A. Beard the adjacent land owner.


The 2009 event was the 2nd that has been held.

The event is a National Traction Engine Trust Authorised Event.

Event features

Exhibit classes
  • Fairground rides & Stalls
  • Working displays & steam ploughing demonstrations
  • Trade stalls
  • Club stands.
  • craft tent
  • Etc.


Did a rally take place this year ?

2010 Event

Was held on the 9th and 10th of October 2010 at a site adjacent to the Toddington Station. The Railway having suffered a embankment failure between there and the station at Cheltenham race course.

'New' water tower being installed at Toddington station. In use for filling the traction engines at the rally.

A&P roller Sarah in the road building display

Burrell Keeling parked in the station yard car park with a Great Western Railway locomotive behind

A rare Doe 130 in the tractor display

2009 Event

2009 Steam engines

Steam Engines list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
1 Aveling & Porter no. 3430 Sarah Steam roller 1894 PB 9801 Peter Smith Aveling & Porter no. 3430 RR Sarah PG 9801 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 3902.jpg In road building Disply
2 Aveling & Porter no. 8548 Brittania Steam Roller 1915 AF 4442 Henri Collings Aveling & Porter no. 8548 RR Brittania AF 4442 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 3917.jpg With Living van
3 Burrell no. 4025 Pride of Dorset Steam roller 1925 PR 6641 Robin Ceny Burrell no. 4025 RR Pride of Dorset PR 6641 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 3924.jpg
4 Burrell no. 3121 Keeling Traction engine 1909 NO 1310 Dave Smith Burrell no. 3121 TE Keeling NO 1310 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 3892.jpg A regular at shows in the area
5 Burrell no. 3164 Dauntless Traction engine 1909 AM 5799 Jeffrey Shackell Burrell no. 3164 TE Dauntless AM 5799 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 3922.jpg First appearance at Cheltenham
6 Robey no. 28094 Pride of the Walk Traction engine 1908 AO 8932 The Wallington Family Robey no. 28094 TE Pride of the Walk AO 8932 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4095.jpg Owned since 1973
7 Marshall no. 28922 Alderman Traction engine 1897 BH 7606 Dave Paxton Marshall no. 28922 TE Alderman BH7606 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4100.jpg On going restoration
8 Marshall no. 61970 Emma Traction engine 1913 BJ 5934 Terry Petty Marshall no. 61970 TE Emma BJ 5934 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 3897.jpg Owned since 1984
9 Garrett no. 28410 Mercury Traction engine 1910 NO 1186 Peter Best Garrett no. 28410 TE Mercury NO 1186 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4122.jpg Roads to most rallies under its own steam
10 Wallis & Steevens no. 7498 Progress Traction engine 1916 HO 5629 R. Herring Wallis & Steevens no. 7498 TE Progress HO 5629 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4099.jpg Offered as a raffle prize in 1957
11 Burrell no. 4093 Dorothy Road Locomotive 1931 DV 9252 Denis Smith Burrell no. 4093 RL Dorothy DV 9252 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4091.jpg Last 3 speed RL built at Burrells
12 Fowler no. 14257 Linkey Ploughing Engine 1916 KE 2494 Mark Jones Fowler no. 14257 Plg Linkey KE 2494 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4077.jpg A regular in the area at rallies
13 Fowler no. 15182 Achilles Ploughing Engine 1918 NO 5869 Michael Davies Fowler no. 15182 Plg Achilles NO 5869 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4063.jpg Worked till 1970 and still occasionally used for contract jobs
14 Clayton and Shuttleworth no. 50004 Old Hiram Portable Engine 1926 - David Cole Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 50004 Portable Old Hiram at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4429.jpg On the Saw bench demonstration
15 Foden no. 12770 - Steam wagon 1927 FN 9060 James Harvey-Bathurst, of Eastnor Castle Fosen no. 12770 Wagon FN 9060 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4102.jpg In the livery of Beck & Pollitzer haulage contractors
15 Burrell no. 3489 King George VI Showman's Engine 1913 PB 9624 John Wharton Burrell no. 3489 SRL King George VI - PB 9624 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4119.jpg First showmans to attend a steam rally in 1952
17 Burrell no. 3288 Nancy Showman's Engine 1911 TA 1118 Prout family Burrell no. 3288 Showmans Nancy TA 1118 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4116.jpg
18 Garrett no. 33091 Margaret Showman's tractor 1917 BP 6077 Richard Hall 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images 150px]] Listed but not seen
19 Garrett no. 33278 Princess Mary Steam Tractors 1918 DP 4479 John Garman Garrett no. 33278 ST Princess Mary DP 4479 at Cheltenham 09 - IMG 4093.jpg In-transit from GDSF to Warwickshire under own steam

Steam models

A Number of 'Model' steam engines were present, but no details/photos were taken.

If you visited the show or your models were there please add details of them and photos below, thanks.

Several half size (1/2 scale) models and other working scale miniatures were also present.

Commercial & Military vehicles

A number of interesting vehicles were present including these;

  • photos to follow later


Mike Eacock with his JCB 1 Digger

A approximately ? tractor were present (? listed in guide), with a few interesting implements as well. A few more interesting examples were mixed in with the usual grey Fergusons and Fordsons. A few were well restored examples while others were shown in as found condition. A number of restored JCBs were on display in with the tractors and implements area.

More Details to follow, but here are some of the makes & models shown.

add details of any implements here

Above list with more info to be transferred to the table below with photos
Tractor exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. Serial no. (if known) year built Owner Photo Misc info
? County County Super-4 Reg no. ? County no. ? ? owner ? 150px]] Fitted with winch
Add any other tractors from this event above here in Entry no order / ABC by make if no number
add more entries by copying block below and pasting in between entries 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

- Make Model no. Reg no. ? Serial no Year Owner ? 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images 150px]]

Classic cars

A Good selection of classic cars from the 1900's through to modern classics from the 1970s.

90 exhibits listed, but not all were present on the Saturday.

A selection of vintage caravans were also lined up behind the Cars.

Working areas and demonstrations

Steam ploughing demonstration

Examples of steam ploughing were held in the adjacent field with a few exhibitors also doing demonstrations of field work with their classic tractors and implements.

2009 gallery

Past Events

The first event was held in 2003 do you have any details of the participants at this event ?

Please add detail's if you visited with any photos of the exhibits at the event please.

Cheltenham Steam and Vintage Fair/2008


Cheltenham Steam and Vintage Fair/2003

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  • The show guide 2009

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