Caterpillar Twenty Two at Astwood bank 08 - P6150274

A restored Twenty Two at the Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering in 2008

The Caterpillar Twenty Two was a 25/31 hp Crawler tractor built from 1934-39 by the Caterpillar Company.

Model history

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The Caterpillar R-2 was a related model built for the US military.


  • 40 inch Gauge
  • 50 inch Gauge
  • Orchard spec with high clearance variant.

Serial numbers

The Twenty Two was built in 2 series, with over 15,000 built over a 5 year period.

  • series 2F - 9,999 built
  • series 1J - 5155 built



List of Preserved Caterpillar Twenty two tractors
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