Caterpillar Inc.
Type Public (NYSECAT)
Dow Jones Industrial Average Component
Predecessor C. L. Best Tractor Company
Holt Manufacturing Company
Founded California, United States (April 15, 1925 (1925-04-15))
Headquarters Peoria, Illinois, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Douglas R. Oberhelman (Chairman and CEO)
Industry Heavy equipment
Financial services
Revenue (turnover) increase US$42,588 million (FY 2010)
Operating income increase US$3,963 million (FY 2010)
Net income increase US$2,700 million (FY 2010)
Total assets increase US$64,020 million (FY 2010)
Total equity increase US$10,864 million (FY 2010)
Employees 104,490 (FY 2010)
CAT R4 fited with Letourneu Cable control unit and Hyster winch

Caterpillar is the best known manufacturer of construction equipment in the world (probably). The company was formed in 1925 by the merger of The Holt Company, (who built its first crawler machine in 1904), and the company of C.L.Best who started producing Crawler machines in 1913. The new company was then called The Caterpillar Tractor Company. Caterpillar became synonymous with crawler type machines.

Both Best and Holt started as farm machinery manufactures.

Best[edit | edit source]

Best Invented a portable grain cleaner in 1871, soon followed by a combine harvester. In 1890 the company purchased the rights to manufacture the Remington steam engine and produced a range of steam-driven farm machinery, including steam tractors and combine harvesters. Best Manufacturing was bought by Holt in 1908.

C.L. Best, the son of the founder then formed his own rival company, the "C. L. Best Gas Traction Company" which built gasoline-powered tractors. This new company acquired the rights to manufacture the Lombard Log Hauler, an early tracked crawler, and began producing "tracklayer" tractors

Holt[edit | edit source]

The Holt 70hp was a 3 wheeled Mechanical tractor built in 1905. In 1905 Holt built the No.77 with tracks in place of wheels. It was originally built as a wheeled machine in 1904. By 1908 Holt was building the Holt 40 a 25hp gas powered crawler tractor. The second one sold was No. 1004 and is today in preserved in America. Holt aquired Best manufacturing 1908. In 1925 merged with C.L. Best Gas Traction company to form what was to come Caterpillar.

1925[edit | edit source]

The Birth of the Caterpillar Company. The First models were from the old companies, but renamed as;

  • Caterpillar 30 (from Best)
  • Caterpillar 60 (from Best)
  • Caterpillar 2-ton (from Holt)
  • Caterpillar 5-ton (from Holt)
  • Caterpillar 10-ton (from Holt) this was dropped in late 1925 in favour of the 60
  • Cat 15
  • Cat 20
  • Cat 22
  • Cat 25

In 1928 they Took over the Russell Grader Manufacturing Co. to add a line of graders, dropping models using competitors tractors for power units.

  • Model 10 grader
  • Model 15 grader
  • Model 20 grader

1930's - The Diesel Era begins[edit | edit source]

  • Cat 60 / 65
  • Cat 35
  • Cat 40
  • Cat 50
  • Cat 65 (1d)
  • cat 65 (2d)
  • Cat 70 (8d)
  • cat 70 (1E)
  • Model 112 grader introduced 1939
  • Model 212 grader introduced 1939

The War years[edit | edit source]

(WORK IN PROGRESS) During the war most of the output is for the Government and large numbers of machines were shipped abroad to the UK under Lend-lease, or shipped out to the Far East to assist in the retaking of the islands from the Japanese and build Airfields and harbors.This made them number one.

1940s - Earth moving begins[edit | edit source]

After the war the US Government started the Interstate program of road building, and in the UK rebuilding work and the start of the Motorways program requiring large numbers of earth moving machines, with contractors buying up army surplus machines. (Details require adding)

1950s[edit | edit source]

  • Caterpillar 944A traxcavator 2cu yd Loading shovel introduced in 1959.
  • Caterpillar 212 Grader ( S.E. Davis & Son Ltd. of Redditch has one in their collection of preserved machines).

1960s[edit | edit source]

1963 saw the first off highway dump truck launched, the model 769 with a 35 ton capacity.

1970s[edit | edit source]

1974 saw the Introduction of Articulated Dumper Trucks (ADT) built by DJB in Peterlee, England. These were based on a full Cat Drive train, and after a license agreement Cat bought a share of company for the rights to the designs in 1985 and the company changed name to Artix Ltd. By 1996 they bought the whole company out.[6] But, in Argentina, sign a deal with Astarsa and provided road equipment, built under license Caterpillar (motor graders and front loaders) and under license Koehring Co. (backhoe loaders on wheels and Caterpillar). It was always a benchmark of the National Industry, sample of it is that the first merchant ship of the country, with a gross record greater than 1000 tons, was built by ASTARSA for Reservoirs As of January 1970, the manufacture of 30 motor graders and five front loaders begins. The planned program is 150 units of all types per year.

1980s[edit | edit source]

  • Challenger Tracked Tractor created. It brought tracks back to the fields after a steady decline. Since the 60's, tractor horse power steadily increased and the versatility of tires for transport out wieghed the advantages of increased traction from tracks.

The increase in open pit mining and the availability of high powered hydraulics lead to the growth in hydraulic excavators and an increase in the size of mining dump trucks. Expansion in the 60s was halted by the 70s energy crisis and recession, along with the need to replace machines which in some cases dated from the 1940s.

The Mining Giants Created by Caterpillar [edit | edit source]

A Cat 777B Dump truck and the smaller Cat 773B dump truck in front. In the background with a dust suppression unit fitted on a dumper chassis is another older Cat machine.

In the 1980s CAT decided to start building 100+ ton dump trucks to compete with Terex and Euclid. They built a proto-type model Cat 785 in 1983 and started testing of the 130 ton capacity dump truck. The machine followed the lines of the successful Cat 777 line of trucks but with greater capacity.

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CAT 785B at Kaltim Prima Coal mine. Sangatta East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Cat 785 Dump Truck[edit | edit source]

  • Capacity: 130 ton
  • Engine: Cat 3512 V-12 of 1380 hp
  • Transmission: Cat 6 speed Auto
  • Released: September 1984

Cat 789 Dump Truck[edit | edit source]

  • Capacity: 170-190 ton
  • Engine: Cat 3516 V-16 of 1800 hp
  • Transmission: Cat 6 speed Auto
  • Released: Fall 1986
  • Upgraded in 1992 to the B series; 785B & 789B
  • Upgradd to the C series in 1998; 785C & 789C, both with B series engines and a power boost to 1450 & 1900 hp.

Cat 793 Dump Truck[edit | edit source]

The Cat 793 was built to compete in the 240 ton class against Dresser (Komatsu). Unit Rig and Wiseda. They introduced the worlds largest mechanical drive dump truck in 1991 to a sceptical market.

  • Capacity : 240 tons
  • Engine: Cat 3516 v-16 rated at 2,160 hp
  • Transmission: Cat 6 speed auto
  • released 1991 , with model B in 1992

By 1995 over 550 units were in service, surpassing Dressers 830E

Cat 793C Dump Truck[edit | edit source]

Cat 797 at Grasberg mine Freeport Indonesia. Papua, Indonesia

Cat 797 (Ultra) Dump Truck[edit | edit source]

  • Capacity 360 ton
  • Engine; Cat 3524 (2 off 3512 engine in line)
  • Transmision; 7 speed
  • released; 1999

For full specification go to Caterpillar 797B info from wikipedia

Cat 994 Wheel Loader[edit | edit source]

Cat 24H grader[edit | edit source]

Cat 5130 FS or ME Excavator[edit | edit source]

  • 100 ton class excavator
  • 10.2 cu yd bucket in ME
  • 13.75 cu yds Bucket for FS
  • Engine; Cat 3508 of 800hp
  • released; 1993 for ME

Cat 5230 FS or ME Excavator[edit | edit source]

A Caterpillar 5230 in mass excavation form

  • 22.2 cu yd in FS
  • 20 cu yds in ME
  • Engine: Cat 3516 of 1575 hp
  • released 1994

1990s[edit | edit source]

  • 1995 Take over Artix operation to build ADTs from DJB at Peterlee, County Durham.
  • 1998 Enter mini excavator market with the CAT 301.5 a 1.7 ton machine and the CAT 301.8 a 1.8 ton machine, both fitted with CAT 3003 3-cylinder engines, of 1-ltre capacity producing 13 kW.

21st century and the future[edit | edit source]

First Caterpillar 6030FS mining face shovel in UK

Some product lines dropped, but others join the range as global expansion continues.

At Minexpo 2008 in Las Vegas Caterpillar launched some new models;

  • Cat 795F AC - 345 ton capacity Diesel-electric drive dump truck.
  • Cat 993K 16-19 yd wheeled loader, with a 1050 hp Caterpillar C32 engine.
  • Cat D11T Bulldozer.
  • Cat AD55B - 60 ton capacity articulated dump truck (ADT)

In 2009, Caterpillar and Navistar announced the formation of a new 50/50 joint venture to be called NC2 Global. Based in Chicago, IL, this company is to "develop, manufacture and distribute commercial trucks globally, outside North America and India" under the International and Cat brands.[7]

In 2010 Caterpillar announced that they were acquiring Bucyrus who had inturn had recently acquired the heavy excavator division of Terex, that was based on the former O&K RH excavtor range. This strategic move has given Caterpillar a major force in Mining excavator production to go with the existing dump truck line and offer their clients a range of large hydraulic or cable operated shovels.

Acquisitions time line[edit | edit source]

In addition to increasing sales of its core products, much of Caterpillars growth has been through acquisitions, including:

Company Location Date Products Notes
Russell Grader Manufacturing co. Minneapolis 1928 [8] Self propelled and Towed graders Integrated into product line and renumbered.
Trackson Company Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1951 [9] Traxcavator Built tracked and wheeled loaders, but brand quickly dropped from wheeled product as confusing to customers.
Joint venture with Mitsubishi in Japan Japan 1963 Bulldozer and excavators started D4 production in 1965
Towmotor Mentor, OH 1965 [10] Forklifts Later became Caterpillar Mitsubishi Forklifts, 99% owned by Mitsubishi
Solar Turbines San Diego, CA 1981 [11] Natural gas turbines (Turbine division of International Harvester)
Buy rights to DJB designed ADTs Petterlee, England 1985 [12] ADT (Articulated Dump Truck line Built under contract by DJB/Artix in the UK
CMI / RayGo inc (former joint venture partner) Minnesota 1987 [13] Compactor technology Buy out CMIs RayGo inc. range
Barber Green Minneapolis, MN 1991 [14] paving products Renamed Caterpillar Paving Products
Buy out Brown Group Holdings Ltd (Artix) Peterlee, England 1996 [15] ADT Design and manufacture Buy the production facilities and manufacturing company to complete deal started in 1985
Tiger Engineering Pty Australia 1997 Wheeled Dozers based on 990 series loader comonents Bought out the intellectual right to the designs.
Krupp MaK Engines Kiel, Germany 1997 [16] Marine diesel engines
Form Caterpillar Claas America Inc. Omaha Nebraska (1999) 1997 Combine harvesters (Lexion) Joint venture with Claas of Germany
Perkins Engines Peterborough, UK 1998 [17] Small diesel engines Produces both Cat and Perkins branded engines
F.G. Wilson Larne, Northern Ireland 1999 [18] Generators Produces both Cat and Olympian branded gen-sets
Hindustan Motors Earthmoving Equipment Division Chennai, India 2000 [19] Construction equipment Renamed Caterpillar India
Elphinstone Burnie, Australia 2000 [20] Underground mining equipment Renamed Caterpillar Underground Mining
Sabre Engines Ltd. United Kingdom 2000 [21] Marine engines
Wealdstone Engineering Ltd. Rushden, United Kingdom 2004 [22] Remanufacturer of gasoline and diesel engines
Williams Technologies, Inc. Summerville, South Carolina 2004 [23] Remanufacturer of automatic transmissions, torque converters and engines
Turbomach SA Riazzino, Switzerland 2004 [24] Packager of industrial gas turbines and related systems
Progress Rail Albertville, Alabama 2006 [25] Railroad equipment remanufacturing
Hindustan PowerPlus Ltd. Mathagondapalli, India 2006 [26] Engine components and heavy-duty diesel engines Buyout of joint venture formed in 1988. Renamed Caterpillar Power India Private Ltd.
Eurenov Chaumont , France 2007 [27] Automotive component remanufacturing
Blount International, Inc. - Forestry Division Portland, Oregon 2007 Timber harvesting and processing equipment, loaders and attachments
Shandong Engineering Machinery (SEM) China 2008 [28] Construction equipment
LOVAT Canada 2008 [29] Tunnel boring machines
Shin Caterpillar Mitsubishi Sagami & Akashi, Japan 2008 [30] Construction equipment Joint venture since 1963, with purchase of majority became Caterpillar Japan Ltd.
MGE Equipamentos & Serviços Ferroviários Brazil 2008 [31] Railroad equipment remanufacturing
Gremada Industries West Fargo, North Dakota 2008 [32] Remanufacturing transmissions, torque converters, and final drives
Twin City Signal Hudson, WI 2008[33] Signaling, traffic control Division of Caterpillar's Progress Rail
JCS Co., Ltd. South Korea 2009[34] Seal technology A subsidiary of Jinsung T.E.C. Co., Ltd., a South Korea-based manufacturer that produces undercarriage components
GE Inspection Products Erie, PA 2010[35] Rail inspection products Division of Caterpillar's Progress Rail
FCM Rail Fenton, MI 2010[36] Rail maintenance equipment leasing Division of Caterpillar's Progress Rail
Zeit Comercio e Montagem de Equipamentos Ltda Curitiba, Parana, Brazil 2010[37] Automation and electrical equipment for locomotives and other industries Acquired by MGE, a division of Caterpillar's Progress Rail
Electro-Motive Diesel La Grange, IL 2010[38] Railroad locomotives and large diesel engines Division of Caterpillar's Progress Rail
Underground Imaging Technologies, Inc. (UIT) Latham, NY 2010[39] geophysical services, specializing in providing three-dimensional representations of underground utilities part of Cat Advanced Systems Division
Caterpillar Xuzhou Ltd Xuzhou, China 2010[40] Construction equipment Joint venture since 1995 with Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, upon the completion of the acquisition, Caterpillar Xuzhou, which was established in 1995, will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar.
Anhui Jianghuai NC2 Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. Hefei, China 2010[41] Heavy-duty trucks a joint venture of JAC and NC2 (a partnership of CAT and Navistar).
CleanAIR Systems, Inc. Santa Fe, New Mexico 2010[42] customized stationary aftertreatment solutions for internal combustion engines CleanAIR Systems will remain headquartered in Santa Fe and will be known as CleanAIR Systems, Inc.- A Caterpillar Company.
MWM GmbH Mannheim, Germany 2010[43] gas engines/electric generation sets formerly Deutz Power Systems, part of Deutz-Fahr, will become part of the company's Electric Power division
Bucyrus Milwaukee, Wisconsin November 2010[44] Mining machinery & large excavators Includes former O&K Mining lines recently acquired by Bucyrus from Terex

Caterpillar Range / Model Listing[edit | edit source]

Summary of models produced list. Please add articles for any individual machine type to the red links below.

Best Models[edit | edit source]

Holt Models[edit | edit source]

Crawlers / Bulldozers[edit | edit source]

A Caterpillar D2 at Belvoir Castle show 2007

A Caterpillar Diesel Thirty Five at Peterborough 08

A Caterpillar D8N with a Bulldozer blade and a single shank ripper

Rubber tracked (mainly agricultural applications)
Also branded as Claas in Europe.

Tracked Loaders (Traxcavator)[edit | edit source]

Caterpillar 951C working at GDSF

Early Traxcavator add on loaders for Cat machines;
Main article: Traxcavator
Caterpillar bought Traxcavator in 1951. and started introducing cat branded versions in 1952;

For overview see: - Caterpillar Crawler Loader

Rear engined Hydrostatic machines (production started in 1980)

Scrapers[edit | edit source]

Early models supplied by R. G. LeTourneau (and others) till 1944

Towed Scrapers[edit | edit source]

Scraper tractors[edit | edit source]

  • Caterpillar DW10 - (1N) 1940 90 hp wheeled Tractor
  • Caterpillar DW15 - 1954 Tractor 186 hp Cat D326 for No.10 and No.15 scrapers
    • Caterpillar DW15E - 195?-5?
    • Caterpillar DW15F - 195?-59
  • Caterpillar DW20 - 1951-55 Tractor 225 hp Cat D337 for No.20 scraper and W20 bottom dump trailer
    • Caterpillar DW20E - 1955-58 300 hp
    • Caterpillar DW20G - 1958-60 345 hp

Motor Scrapers[edit | edit source]

Wheeled Dozers[edit | edit source]

(not very common in the UK other than on Coal stockpile duties)

Excavators[edit | edit source]

ADT's & Dump trucks[edit | edit source]

  • Cat D250 25 ton ADT built by DJB Artix
  • Cat D300 33 ton
  • Cat D400
    • Cat D400D - 199?-95 40 ton
    • Cat D400E (2YR) - 1995- ? 40 ton 385 hp Cat 3406 engine
  • Cat D44 - 1981-86 44 ton
    • Cat D44B - 1986-87 44 ton
  • Cat D22B
  • Cat D550 - 1978-86 55 ton
    • Cat D550B - 1986-7 55 ton (6x6 drive)
  • Cat D55B - 2008 60 ton ADT
  • Cat D725
  • Cat D730
  • Cat D740
  • Cat D740E 40 ton ADT with Ejector body
  • Cat 768B (79S) - 1971-78 Tractor unit for articulated coal dump trailer
    • Cat 768C - 1978
  • Cat 769 (99F) - 1962-66 35 ton Dump truck 375 hp Cat D343
    • Cat 769B (99F) - 1966-78
    • Cat 769C (1X) - 1978-95
    • Cat 769D - 1995
  • Cat 771 -series
    • Cat 771C - 1992 44 ton "Quarry Truck"
    • Cat 771D - 1996
  • Cat 772 - 1971 100 ton Articulated coal hauler
    • Cat 772B - 1978
  • Cat 773 (63G) - 1970-78 50 ton Rear dump Mechanical drive
    • Cat 773B (63W) - 1978-96
    • Cat 773D - 1996- ?
  • Cat 775 1992 65 ton
    • Cat 775B - 1992-95 65 ton
    • Cat 775D - 1995
  • Cat 776 (14H) - 1975 150 ton Articulated coal hauler
    • Cat 776B - 1985-91
    • Cat 776C - 1991-96
    • Cat 776D - 1996
  • Cat 777 (84A) - 1974 85 ton (now 100ton) capacity Dump truck (most successful Cat truck model built)
    • Cat 777B - 1985-91
    • Cat 777C - 1991-96
    • Cat 777D (3PR) - 1996- ? 100 ton 938 hp from a Cat 3508B
    • Cat 777F - 200?
  • Cat 779 - 1965 (79) 85 ton Dump truck (diesel electric (all withdrawn and scrapped) 1000 hp Cat D348 12-cylinder engine
  • Cat 783 - 1965 100 ton Dump truck (experimental versions only built)
  • Cat 784B - 1992- ?
  • Cat 785 - 1984-92 150 ton capacity
    • Cat 785B - 1992
  • Cat 786 - 1965 (Coal hauler) (used at Captain mine then laid up and subsequently scrapped) Twin Cat D348 engine
  • Cat 789 (9ZC) - 1986-92 195 ton
    • Cat 789B (7EK) - 1992- 195 ton 1750 hp from Cat D3516
  • Cat 793 (3SJ) - 1991-92 240 ton
    • Cat 793B (1HL) - 1992-96 240 ton (550 sold) 2057 hp engine
    • Cat 793C (4AR) - 1996 240 ton Fitted 2166 hp Cat 3516B engine
  • Cat 794F AC - 2008 345 ton Diesel electric drive
  • Cat 797B 1998 340-60 ton "Ultra Haulers"
  • Cat 797F Current

Backhoe Loaders[edit | edit source]

  • Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders
    • Caterpillar 416 - 1985
    • Caterpillar 426 - 1986
    • Caterpillar 428 - 1986
    • Caterpillar 436 - 1988
      • Caterpillar 436C - 1996 85 hp from a Cat 3054T turbo engine.
    • Caterpillar 438 - 1988
    • Caterpillar 446 - 1989

Graders[edit | edit source]

  • Motor Patrol range (ex Russell Grader line) cat took Russell over in 1928
    • Motor Patrol No. 2 - 1925-28 based on a Fordson tractor
    • Motor Patrol No. 3 - 1925-29 based on a McCormick-Derring Model 10-20
    • Motor Patrol No. 4 - 1926-29 Based on a Caterpillar Two-Ton Crawler
    • Motor Patrol No. 5 - 1927-29 based on a Cletrac K20 Crawler tractor
    • Motor Patrol No. 6 - 1928 based on Caterpillar Twenty
    • Motor Patrol No. 10 - 1929 based on a Caterpillar Ten tractor
    • Motor Patrol No. 15 - 1929 based on a Caterpillar Fifteen tractor
    • Motor Patrol No. 20 - 1928 based on a Caterpillar Twenty tractor (was formerly the MP No. 6)
  • Caterpillar 33 - 1931 (also called the Cat Twenty or Twenty Five Grader
  • Caterpillar 44 - 1930 (also called the Cat Thirty or Thirty Five Grader)
  • Caterpillar 48 Elevating grader (years unknown) Was not technically a grader as such but a drawn elevating loader which cut material from a bank and loaded it into haulage units
  • Caterpillar 66 - 1932 (Also called the Cat Fifty Grader)
  • Caterpillar 77 - 1930 (Also called the Cat Sixty Grader)
  • Auto Patrol range - 1931
    • Auto Patrol No. 9 - 1931
    • Auto Patrol No. 7 - 1932
    • Auto Patrol No. 11 - 1932
    • Auto Patrol No. 10 - 1933

Wheeled Loaders (Loading Shovels)[edit | edit source]

Cat 966H at Finning UK

Challenger Rubber Tracked Tractors[edit | edit source]

A Claas Challenger 75E on display at a UK vintage machinery show

Challenger Tractor range (Marketed in Europe as Claas since 1997)

MT Range

A Challenger MT765C Rubber tracted Crawler at LAMMA show 2009

Challenger MT range - introduced in 2001, Manufacturing rights sold to AGCO in 2002, Caterpillar retains Challenger brand name.

Specialist Kit[edit | edit source]

Rollers[edit | edit source]

Vibrating rollers

Compactors[edit | edit source]

Landfill Compactors[edit | edit source]

Pipelayer tractors[edit | edit source]

Cat LEXION Combines[edit | edit source]

  • Lexion 460 - 1997 (Claas) 6 Straw walker design wheeled
  • Lexion 465 - 1997 (Claas) 6 Straw walker design Tracked
  • Lexion 480 - 1997 (Claas) Rotary design wheeled
  • Lexion 485 - 1997 (Claas) Rotary design Tracked

Asphalt/paving machinery[edit | edit source]

  • Barbour Green brand machinery, marketed as Cat in some locations.

Underground mine equipment[edit | edit source]

Ephinestone brand machines (Australian), with cat Drive train.

  • Mine haulers and loaders.

Caterpillar Engines[edit | edit source]

Dealers[edit | edit source]

Main article: List of Caterpillar dealerships

Caterpillar has about 175 dealerships word wide operating in 200 countries.[48]

This doses not include all the distributors for other brands that Caterpillar now owns. The recently acquired Bucyrus has yet to be integrated & it was reported at the time of the deal that the largest mining products would be handled by a separate division, but some of the small products merged within the main cat dealer network.[49]

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Artix / DJB
  • AGCO - Buyer of the Agricultural tractor lines
  • Bucyrus - recent major acquisition
  • Claas - former JV partner in Agricultural machinery
  • Mitsubishi - Former partner
Current Competitors are (not in all sectors);
Major Past Competitors

Reference[edit | edit source]

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