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Wiki articles that use dd mm yyyy date formats, whether by application of the first main contributor rule or by virtue of close national ties to the subject belong in this category. Use {{Dmy}} or {{Use dmy dates}} to add an article to this category. See Wikipedia:MOSNUM.

Note: This category relates to imported wikipedia articles and is retained for possible future expansion using bots to manage pages tagged as dmy on wikipedia. See notes below regarding usage on WP

This system of tagging/categorisation is used as a status monitor of all articles that use dd mm yyyy date formats, and not as a clean up . After being tagged, usually manually, and bearing in mind article evolution, a bot can be sent around to clean up formatting after, say, 12 months have elapsed. The bot would correct any new introductions since its last visit, and would also put or update the visit date on the {{Use dmy dates}} template.
For those who are interested in dating the bare tags, please be informed that AWB module available may be used in conjunction with the tagging, or to ensure cleanup of older categories at User:Ohconfucius/AWB modules/dmy. As usual, kindly inform me of any errors, false negatives and positives.

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