English:  Images of Trucks (and comercialvehicles) in the United Kingdom.

The following is an explanation of the categorisation scheme in use for this category and its sub-categories. In all cases, if the proper full categorisation to use for an image is unclear, feel free to partially categorise the image, while also placing the image in the category Category:Unsorted UK truck images, for further sorting.

Exterior images of real trucks can be categorised at least once in each of the following categories (which include 'unknown' sections):

Exterior images may also be categorised in one or more optional categories - see Category:Trucks in the United Kingdom (optional categories), which bring together other noteworthy aspects of UK Trucks - note that these are added in addition to any relevant basic category above.

Interior images can be placed into Category:Truck interiors in the United Kingdom, and any of the previous categories if relevant to the image. Exterior images of vehicles which are not true Trucks can be placed in Category:Mock-up trucks in the United Kingdom. Images of models of trucks in the UK can be placed in Category:Models of trucks in the United Kingdom.

Images of details of trucks, like cabs, wheels, badges etc, do not need to be fully categorised in the same way as images of whole buses. Such images can be be placed in Category:UK truck detail images, and any other relevant category, such as operators for fleetnames, or vehicle types for grilles/badges etc.

Images of multiple buses may be cropped into extra individual images of the buses pictured to allow full categorisation, with the cropped source image then being placed in Category:Cropped UK truck images. Once cropped and individually categorised, the source images only require categorisation under relevant categories, usually just the location or rally/event pictured. The same principle can be applied for images which contain only one bus as part of a wider scene, but which have been cropped to produce another image focussing on just the bus.

Note that this category is also a sub-category of Category:Transport in the United Kingdom, which may have other relevant categories which can be placed on images of UK buses, such as infrastructure (e.g. truck stops, services stations and haulage depots), as well as wider categorisation by place and other transport/vehicle components.

(This category is based on Wikimedia Commons categories for buses)

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