Articles with invalid date parameter in template 317
Accuracy disputes 2
BLP articles lacking sources 0
Unreferenced BLPs 0
Use British English 16
Category needed 67
Articles needing chemical formulas 0
Articles with broken or outdated citations 0
Wikipedia articles needing clarification 3
Articles needing cleanup 74
Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest 0
Tractor Wiki articles with possible conflicts of interest 0
Wikipedia articles needing context 0
Tractor Wiki articles needing context 4
Wikipedia articles needing copy edit 0
Tractor Wiki articles needing copy edit 2
Articles containing potentially dated statements 1
Use dmy dates 17
Use mdy dates 1
Use ymd dates 0
Articles with dead external links 99
Dead-end pages 1
Deprecated templates 5
Articles with disputed statements 0
Use British (Oxford) English 0
Articles to be expanded 22
Articles needing expert attention by month 2
Wikipedia external links cleanup 0
Tractor Wiki external links cleanup 1
Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction 0
Articles sourced only by IMDB 0
Articles sourced by IMDB 0
Articles lacking in-text citations 4
Wikipedia introduction cleanup 6
Tractor Wiki introduction cleanup 12
Articles needing link rot cleanup 0
Articles to be merged 29
Articles with topics of unclear notability 0
NPOV disputes 3
Articles that may contain original research 1
Orphaned articles 1
Wikipedia articles needing page number citations 0
Tractor Wiki articles needing page number citations 5
Articles with minor POV problems 3
Articles with peacock terms 0
Articles with a promotional tone 0
Articles with sections that need to be turned into prose 0
Articles to be pruned by month 0
Recently revised 0
Articles needing additional references 54
Articles lacking page references 0
Wikipedia articles that are too technical 0
Tractor Wiki articles that are too technical 0
Articles lacking reliable references 0
Wikipedia articles needing rewrite 0
Tractor Wiki articles needing rewrite 0
Articles needing sections 0
Self-contradictory articles 0
Articles lacking sources 0
Wikipedia spam cleanup 0
Tractor Wiki spam cleanup 0
Articles to be split 0
Article sections to be split 0
Articles that may be too long 0
Wikipedia articles needing style editing 0
Tractor Wiki articles needing style editing 0
Articles with trivia sections 0
Uncategorized stubs 0
Unreviewed new articles 0
Unreviewed new articles created via the Article Wizard 0
Articles with unsourced statements 0
Wikipedia articles in need of updating 0
Total 752

This category contains maintenance categories which are sub-categorized by the month in which the article was tagged. This helps break some of the larger clean-up categories into manageable sections, and ensures that those articles which have been awaiting clean-up the longest can be dealt with first.

Progress boxEdit

Note that the progress box on the right gives the number of pages in each category: It is effectively the backlog of the dating work done by various bots and other processes - typically something in the order of 1000 per day. It does not include in the dated subcategories, but other subcategories and possibly other pages which don't require dating will be counted. It also will multi-count pages with several undated template types.

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