In order to make the cleanup processes easy and unambiguous, each cleanup template addition has to be clearly motivated. There are three methods of making the motivation clear:

  1. replace the template with a very specific one,
  2. move the template to the specific section or sentence which shall obviously be improved,
  3. produce a link from the template to the section in the talk page, which explains the problem.

In this category, templates which need to be improved by formulation and linking requirements are collected. As a pattern for an already perfect template, the short and complete {{cleanup}} is hold forth:

  1. it contains a request: "...or replace this tag with a more specific message....",
  2. it contains a link to the talk page: "...discuss this issue on the talk page...",
  3. and it is polite: "Please..." and "...may...".

The templates needing improvements all contain at least one note at their talk page, on what they lack, and how they may be improved. Then they can be removed from this category.

Add templates to this category only if they are very unspecified, and lack a talk page link or similar pointer to an article specific discussion.

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