Note: since this particular category is added to very regularly when people use the bio-stub template, active efforts to move biographical stubs into topical biography stubs, or convert stubs into larger articles, are greatly appreciated.

  • For stub articles sorted by country or region, see Category:People stubs by nationality
  • For stub articles sorted by occupation, see Category:People stubs by occupation
  • Do not use {{bio-stub}} for the entries of fictional characters – use {{fict-char-stub}} instead. (few fictional characters warrant a page on this project !)
  • A good biography article should include all of these items, if possible:
    • When and where the person lived.
    • What they did in life that made them significant enough to be in this encyclopedia.
    • Add at least one explicit category under Category:People, possibly a profession and/or a nationality and don't forget a sort tag.

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