Nuffield Organisation was the unincorporated umbrella-name or promotional name used for the charitable and commercial interests of owner and donor, William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield. The name was assumed following Nuffield's gift made to form his Nuffield Foundation in 1943, it linked his business interests to his existing very generous philanthropy. The same enterprises had previously been referred to as the Morris Organisations and at first described itself as:

The Nuffield Organisation, A Cornerstone of Britain's Industrial Structure.

The productive businesses were owned by Morris Motors Limited and this corporate structure appears to have been retained until the formation of British Leyland in 1968.

In 1945 the principal businesses among them were:

and included:

Nuffield Acceptances Limited - Arranged finance in connection with hire-purchase agreements for the purchase of motor cars
Nuffield (Australia) Pty Limited
Nuffield Exports Limited
Nuffield Mechanizations Limited - produced tanks during the war
Nuffield Metal Products Limited
Nuffield Tools and Gauges Limited - production equipment for the other companies
The Nuffield Press Limited - publishing handbooks, owners' magazine etc.

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