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"POV" is an abbreviation for "Point of View". It is most commonly used to signify that, in the opinion of the editor, some statement is biased, which is to say that it is "non-neutral and takes a point of view". Non-neutral content or style conflicts with this Wiki's goal of being a neutral source of factual — and independently verifiable — information.

POV contrasts with "NPOV", an abbreviation for "Neutral Point of View", Tractor Wikis editorial approach. See the page WP:NPOV for this policy.

{{1911POV}}, {{Catholic-cleanup}}, {{Coatrack}}, {{Obit}}, {{POV}}, {{POV-check}}, {{POV-check-section}}, {{POV-intro}}, {{USgovtPOV}}, {{POV-map}}, {{POV-section}} and {{POV-title}} all put articles in this category.

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