This is a subcategory of Category:Tool manufacturers, devoted specifically to machine tool builders.

Subjects in this category will mostly be corporations, but it also applies to individuals of the "founding father" type (such as Bramah, Maudslay, Nasmyth, Whitworth, etc.). Later individuals serving as principals in corporations (such as W. Sellers, F. Pratt, A. Whitney, W.R. Warner, A. Swasey, J. Hartness, J. N. Lapointe, E.P. Bullard Sr & Jr, G. Gridley, E. Fellows, W. Gleason, J.E. Gleason, S. Yamazaki, etc.), when they have their own articles, are categorized here too, although (a) their respective corporations also are here and (b) some of these individuals do not warrant a separate article apart from their corporation's article.

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