This category applies to disambiguation pages where multiple people of the same name are listed.

All names in this category are human names, but they may also be surnames or other things, such as tropical cyclones (including hurricanes and typhoons). For pages listing people with the same surname, but different given names, use {{surname}} instead. e.g. Lunardi.

Use {{hndis}} to add disambiguation pages to this category. To sort by surname, use:

{{hndis|Public, John Q.}}

{{hndis-cleanup}} also puts pages into this category.

When the disambiguation page also lists other kinds of things (when not all entries are human names), do not use the {{hndis}} template. Instead, use the {{Disambiguation}} template and either:

  • Add the human name category manually:

{{DEFAULTSORT:Public, John Q.}}
[[Category:Human name disambiguation pages]]



{{DEFAULTSORT:Public, John Q.}}

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