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Subject Template Category
Automotive topics    
Automotive corporations {{motorvehicle-company-stub}} Category:Motor vehicle company stubs
Vehicle factories and facilities {{auto-factory-stub}} Category:Automotive factory stubs
Motoring organizations {{motoring-org-stub}} Category:Motoring organisation stubs
Automotive biographies {{automotive-bio-stub}} Category:Automotive biography stubs
Vehicle parts or components {{vehicle-part-stub}} Category:vehicle part stubs
Vehicle technology {{vehicle-tech-stub}} Category:Vehicle technology stubs
Individual automobiles    
produced after 1975 {{Modern-auto-stub}} Category:Modern auto stubs
produced 1945-1975 {{Classicpow-auto-stub}} Category:Classic post-war auto stubs
produced 1930-1945 {{Classicprw-auto-stub}} Category:Classic pre-war auto stubs
produced 1915-1930 {{Vintage-auto-stub}} Category:Vintage auto stubs
produced 1905-1915 {{Brass-auto-stub}} Category:Brass auto stubs
produced before 1905 {{Veteran-auto-stub}} Category:Veteran auto stubs
Peripheral categories    
Vehicles {{vehicle-stub}} Category:Vehicle stubs
Buses {{bus-stub}} Category:Bus stubs
Military vehicles {{mil-vehicle-stub}} Category:Military vehicle stubs
Motorcycles/scooters {{motorcycle-stub}} Category:Motorcycle stubs
Tractors {{tractor-stub}} Category:Tractor stubs
Trucks {{truck-stub}} Category:Truck stubs
Vans {{van-stub}} Category:Van stubs
Road transport {{road-trans-stub}} Category:Road stubs
Motor racing {{motorracing-stub}} Category:Motor racing stubs
Auto racing biographies {{motorracing-bio-stub}} Category:Motor racing biography stubs

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