Pages are added to this category by various citation templates if they use incorrect syntax (further information at {{Citation error}}). To fix them, view the article and search for red text, including (but not limited to) phrases such as:

  • Error: If you specify |archivedate=, you must also specify |archiveurl=
  • Error: no |title= specified when using {{cite web}}
  • Error: You must specify |name= when using {{cite gnis}}

(you can do this in many web browsers with CTRL+F). Then click the footnote marker ("^") to see which citation is incorrectly specified and how. If you are the editor who used one of the citation templates and ended up with a broken citation, consider reading the pertaining template documentation again.

This category should not be confused with Category:Articles with broken or outdated citations, which is added with the {{Citations broken}} template. Please do not add pages to this category directly.

See also Category: Pages with broken reference names

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