Articles slanted towards recent events
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This page contains articles that may be slanted towards recent events and therefore not presented in an historical context.

To place an article here, add {{Recentism}} in the relevant section or at the start of the article.

As of December 2009, the article Wikipedia:Recentism suggests that you:

Choose any article and examine it to see why an editor has tagged it; you may have to check the article history or the Discussion page to find out. If the tag is dated, look at the history of that month and the month preceding it. Improve the article by deleting the recentism or adding information that brings the piece into chronological balance (this may take a while because you have to find reputable sources). You might have to add an "Expert Needed" tag and move on. (For information, see Wikipedia:TC#Expert_needed.) Sometimes you won't agree with the assessment, and you can simply remove the Recentism tag.

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