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Steiger STX
A new Case-IH 535 Quadtrac at the Newark Vintage Tractor Show 2009
Manufacturer Case IH
Production 2000-present
Class Tractor

The Case IH Steiger STX is a tractor range built by Case IH in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. It achieved the 24 hour ploughing World Record in 2005.[1]

Model History

The impressive front profile

These tractors evolved from the original high horsepower tractors developed by the Steiger company of North Dakota. Case IH bought them out in ? to expand there range at the top end to compete with the John Deere range. As a result of CaseIH owning Steiger, the Ford company had to change to Versatile for their high horsepower range to replace their Ford FW range of tractors, which were built by Steiger. They then bought Versatile to merge with the Ford New Holland agricultural division. But then sold New-Holland and the tractor division to Fiat. So when Fiat merged the New Holland operations with Case IH to form CNH Global part of the deal with the Monopolies and Mergers Authority in the EU was that some plants had to be sold an so the Versatile division was sold to Buhler of Canada, and the Steiger operations range was retained and expanded, but the classic Steiger Green was dropped for the Case IH corporate Red and Black livery.

The Range is offered in the conventional wheeled versions and with the flexible "Quadtrac" system that offers greater traction and lower ground pressure from 4 triangular track units that replace the wheels. The first Quadtrac model introduced in 1997 did not use the Steiger or STX branding, but was built in the Steiger facility and branded Case Quadtrac. The latest models no longer include the STX designation, and are simply Case IH Steigers. The Steiger brand was reintroduced in 2000 with the Prominent badge on the front.[2]

Record breakers

In 2000 Case IH set a plowing record with a 9380 Quadtrac plowing 209.4 hectares (517 Acres) in France in 24 hours using a 17 furrow plow. Having lost the record Case IH then regained it in 2005 with a STX 500 covering 321 hectares (792 acres) with a 20 furrow plow.[3]

By 2005 50,000 STX tractors had been built (including Quadtrac models).


  • Displacement: 543-915 cubic inches (9-15L)[4]
  • Peak horsepower: 368 hp (274 kW)-589 hp (439 kW)
  • Torque rise: 35-40%
  • Fuel tank: 200 gal. (758 L)-300 gal. (1138 L)
  • Operating Weight (wheeled): 39,600 lb. (17,960 kg)-54,000 lb. (24,494 kg)
  • Operating Weight (Quadtrac}: 58,000 lb. (26 308 kg)
  • Wheelbase: 139 in. (353 cm)-154 in. (391 cm)
  • 12 speed power shift transmission[5]
  • 3 reverse gears
  • Top Speed: 30km/h (18.7mph)@2100rpm
  • Top Reverse Speed: 14.7km/h (9.1mph)@2100rpm
  • Produced: Fargo, North Dakota

Model range

Case IH Steiger STX Tractor Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Photo Misc Notes
Steiger STX274
Steiger STX275 275 hp (205 kW) CNH
Steiger STX280 280 hp (210 kW)
Steiger STX325 330 hp (250 kW) CNH
Steiger STX325 Accusteer 330 hp (250 kW) CNH
Steiger STX330 330 hp (250 kW)
Steiger STX375 2000 382 hp (285 kW) Cummins
Steiger STX375 Quadtrac 382 hp (285 kW) Cummins
Steiger STX380 380 hp (280 kW) Case IH
Steiger STX380 HD 380 hp (280 kW) Case IH Heavy-Duty
Steiger STX380 Quadtrac 2006- 380 hp (280 kW) Case IH
Steiger STX425 432 hp (322 kW) Cummins
Steiger STX425 HD 432 hp (322 kW) Cummins Heavy-Duty
Steiger Quadtrac STX425 423 hp (315 kW) Cummins
Steiger STX430 430 hp (320 kW) Case IH
Steiger STX430 HD 430 hp (320 kW) Case IH Heavy-Duty
Steiger Quadtrac STX430 430 hp (320 kW) Case IH
Steiger STX440 440 hp (330 kW)
Steiger Quadtrac STX440 2001-2004 440 hp (330 kW) WOW - It's Davy's Topyard - - 102238 STX440Quadtrac.jpg Original top of the range model
Steiger STX450 458 hp (342 kW)
Steiger Quadtrac STX450 2004- 458 hp (342 kW) Replaced the STX450
Steiger STX480 480 hp (360 kW) Cummins
Steiger STX480 HD 480 hp (360 kW) Cummins Heavy-Duty
Steiger Quadtrac STX480 480 hp (360 kW) Cummins CASE STX480.jpg
Steiger STX500 500 hp (370 kW) Cummins
Steiger Quadtrac STX500 2004- 500 hp (370 kW) Cummins Case IH STX 500 at Bernard Saunders 08 - IMG 4077.jpg Range topping model for 2004
Steiger STX530 530 hp (400 kW) Cummins
Steiger STX530 HD 530 hp (400 kW) Cummins Heavy-Duty
Steiger Quadtrac STX530 530 hp (400 kW) Cummins Case IH Steiger STX 530 Quadtrac - at Carrington 2010 - IMG 5208.jpg
Steiger STX1380 (sold in South Africa)
Steiger STX1430 (sold in South Africa)
Steiger STX1480 (sold in South Africa)
Related Non STX designated models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Photo Misc Notes
9370 Quadtrac 1997 360 hp (270 kW) Cummins N14-A360 Originally just designated Quadtrac (pre merger)
9380 Quadtrac 1998 400 hp (300 kW) Cummins N14-A400 (pre merger with IH)
Quadtrac 530 2007 543 hp (405 kW) Cummins QSX this model did not have STX as part of it's designation.
Quadtrac 535 ? Cummins QSX this model did not have STX as part of it's designation.
Quadtrac 450 ? 457 hp (341 kW) ? current UK model[6]
Quadtrac 500 ? 508 hp (379 kW) ? current UK model[7]
Quadtrac 550 ? 558 hp (416 kW) ? current UK model[8]
Quadtrac 600 ? 608 hp (453 kW) ? current UK model[9]


It was featured on Top Gear, [10] where presenter Richard Hammond chose the STX Steiger to use to do some of the challenges, (which eventually including ploughing). It was driven around the Top Gear Test Track by The Stig, and it did it in a time of 4:49.1 minutes, [11] the slowest lap ever round the track.

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