Founder(s) Horace and Phil Carter
Headquarters Northwich, Cheshire, England
Products garden tractor
Carterson at Lincoln 08 - DSC00019

A restored Caterson at Lincolnshire Steam Rally 2008

Carterson was a British brand of compact garden tractors.


The company produced a compact tractor to meet the post war demand for tractors for market gardens. The tractor was powered by a Norton air cooled engine.

It was designed and built by Horace and Phil Carter of Northwich, Cheshire, England. Horace Carter had a Farm Machinery business and his son Phil Carter was a well known motorcycle racer in the 1950's, having won the 1950 Senior Clubman's TT.

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A few examples can be seen at UK tractor and steam shows but very few are known to survive of the few that were built.

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