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Carrus Oy
Predecessor Ajokki, Delta Plan and Wiima
Founded 1989
Founder(s) 2004
Headquarters , Finland
Products buses
Parent Volvo Bus

Carrus Oy was established in 1989 after the merger of Ajokki, Delta Plan and Wiima, all Finnish bus companies. The respective factories were renamed Carrus Oy Ajokki, Carrus Oy Delta and Carrus Oy Wiima. In 1996, Carrus entered a joint venture with Volvo to build buses in Poland. In 1998 the Volvo Bus Corporation purchased Carrus, but didn't change its name until 2004, to Volvo Bus Finland Oy. The factories were renamed Volvo Bus Finland Oy Tampere factory and Volvo Bus Finland Oy Turku factory. The Tempere factory was closed in 2008.[1]


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