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Carrimore Six-Wheelers Ltd was a trailer manufacturer based at 'Carrimore Works' of North Finchley London.[1] The company built a range of industrial (works) and road trailers during the early 20th century.

Carrimore was a brand of trailer built in the United Kingdom by Carrimore Six-Wheelers Ltd of North Finchley London. The company built some of the earliest articulated trailers and six wheeled semi low loaders for drawbar use with ballast tractors.


A Carrimore dropside artic trailer

The company started out as Carrosserie Latymer (1915) Limited , marketing the Carrimore 6 wheeler conversion for any truck or steam wagon to increase load capacity as well as drawbar trailers. the firm being based in Notting Hill and Watford.[2]

Early trailers had solid rubber tyres and cast iron wheels.

Later on they changed name or restructured as Carrimore Six-Wheelers Ltd and were based at the "Carrimore Works" North Finchley.[3]

The company exhibited at the 1954 Commercial Motor Show

Supplied the British MOD with drawbar trailers some fitted with box bodies to make mobile field comand or radio units. Ex MOD units with pneumatic tyres and suspension often used by steam engine owners in place of original manufacturers steam engine trailers with cast iron wheels, as ride better on todays roads.

Product range

Carrimorre advert from 1930s

  • Semi trailer conversions to enable 5 ton lorries to carry 8 tons in the 1920s
  • Six wheeler conversions
  • Machinery trailers
  • 'traction wagon' type trailers (drawbar trailers)
  • 2 deck car transporters
  • Low loaders - with knock out rear axles

Scale models

Several firms have offered toy models of Carrimore trailers with various truck

  • Corgi 1132 - low loader


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