Predecessor -
Founded 1969
Founder(s) Oscar Rubén Capurelli
Headquarters Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Key people Oscar Rubén Capurelli
Products agriculture machinery

Metalúrgica Capurelli is a family business located in Rojas, the north of the province of Buenos Aires, whose owner, Oscar Rubén Capurelli, started turneries in 1969. Five years later, in a small warehouse, the production of shallow metallic trailers, hoppers and tanks for agricultural use was started up. With the idea of ​​showing these elements, the company took part for the first time in an international exhibition, held in Asunción del Paraguay; where several commercial operations were completed.

Capurelli in the 70'sEdit

In 1977 Metallurgica Capurelli annexed the manufacture of drag spray equipment, which are used for agricultural fumigation. The success obtained with these equipment and the answer that in subsequent years was received by the producers, led the company to centralize its activity in the manufacture of sprayers, almost exclusively.

Capurelli in the 90'sEdit

In 1996 Metallurgica Capurelli began to import directly from Europe elements for their machines and started an ambitious project aimed at the development and subsequent manufacture of a self-propelled sprayer, which would become the first machine of its kind to be manufactured in series in the province of Buenos Aires; being presented at "ExpoChacra 98" with great repercussion among the users of the sector. Commercially strengthened within a demanding and highly competitive market, Metalurgica Capurelli currently manufactures a wide range of sprayers, with models that compete in quality and efficiency with the best national and imported brands. At the same time, in parallel, the company developed its Tank Division, providing the producer with integral solutions for the storage of liquid fuels.


Capurelli sprayer Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Capurelli MC3026 Deutz MC3026 in Pesados Argentinos

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