Cadzow delivering a railway bridge to a new road job in Barnsley using 2 Mercedes Titans 8x4 ballast tractors (other truck out of shot)

The Firm of Cadzow are a Scottish based Heavy Haulage contractor. The company specializes in "Abnormal load" transportation. They can move Loads up to 400 tons throughout UK, Ireland & Europe.

They have a fleet of Specialist Heavy Haulage tractor Units and trailers including modular lowloader units. these are often used for moving oversized units for the Oil fabrication industry and in the Dock yards.

They also deliver new machinery from the Terex factory at Motherwell all over the country and down to Southampton for export. Dump trucks & Excavators being a regular load.


Cadzow - Faymonville modular low loader at Hillhead 2012 - IMG 1313

Neck of new modular interdolly Faymonville trailer on show at Hillhead 2012

Trucks by
Trailers by
  • Broshuis - Extendible, with steering axles,
  • Faymonville - 3+5 interdolly unit (new at Hillhead 2012)
  • Nooteboom - 3 & 4 axle extendible low loaders, 3 axle plant trailer
  • Scheuerle - 10 axle lines of modular units, and modular bridge units

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  • Corgi have released several models in Cadzow livery.

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